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Crossing Borders

Tropical Flora 

Tropical Flora collection in exhbition space

Lizzie’s inspiration for tropical flora was taken from a Japanese embroidery sample in the archive at The Royal School of Needlework. This piece of embroidery had illustrative birds and bold colours. The style of this particular sample is what inspired Lizzie to create a bespoke A-line skirt.

The skirt explores mixed media techniques alongside the traditional skills of Silk Shading and Stumpwork. Silk shading is the idea of ‘painting’ with thread. Lizzie has used this particular technique to illustrate the birds within her design. The Stumpwork has been used to create the three dimensional aspect of the skirt. These techniques have been worked at a larger scale to create a more contemporary feel. This allows there to be a contrast between the delicate embroidery of the birds and the bold colours of the tropical flowers.   

Bird details on skirt
Details of top
Top and skirt in exhibition space
Details of tropical flora skirt


A hand embroidered ribbon for the brides bouquet.

Wedding bouquet with bespoke hand embroidered ribbon
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